Hi, my name is Daniel Alter. I do creative shit. 💩

Stories 📚

Sometimes I write short stories. Most of the time I just edit them.

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Music & Video 🎶

Music is fucking awesome. Music with video is even more awesome.

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Science 🔭

There's something magical about the universe we live in. I create videos that show the poetic side of science and aim to promote a broader perspective on the world.

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Conversation 💬

Public lets content creators host their own social network, build deeper relationships with their audience and turn engagement into revenue.

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Finance 💸

Economics don't have to be hard. 3min summaries major financial news from around the world into byte-sized newsletters, delivered every Friday.

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Product & UX 📱

I'm passionate about creating intuitive, useful products — and that's what I've been doing for the past 6 years.

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Interested in collaborating? 🤝

Reach out at daniel@overview.co.il